Hagley Eye Care

Hagley Eyecare Studio is a family business. We have two Optometrists – Robert Greatbach and Nicholas Greatbach – both ex-Haybridge Students.

Our aim is to provide a professional service supplying quality eyewear at sensible prices.

With our unique premises at Hagley Hall you can park outside the front door. We offer flexible appointment times every month to accommodate all needs.

All types of frames are supplied from designer down to budget. Brands include Police, Silhouette, Adidas, Nike, Ray-Ban, Flair and many more. Over 1600 frames are on display.

We offer a full contact lens clinic with all types of lenses supplied at unbeatable prices.

We also provide sunglasses both non-prescription and prescription and also sports eyewear.

All accessories are also supplied such as spectacle chains, ready readers etc.

We offer free NHS eyetests for the over 60’s, children and anyone else entitled to free eyetests under the NHS.

We offer free NHS spectacles.

Private eye tests are £22.50.

Complete single vision spectacles can be purchased from as little of £39.00.

Our complete bi-focal spectacles are from £64.00.

Complete vari-focal spectacles are from £84.00.

All of these prices include a free pair of prescription sunglasses which are supplied with every complete spectacle order.

Come and give us a try or just come and have a look around, you will not be disappointed.